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Thank you for completing the first step towards admission with A Latere Academy. Please complete the following steps to complete your application:


Next Steps


1. Family Questionnaire

You should receive an email within 15 minutes containing a unique link for your family questionnaire. Please review the form and take your time answering. You may find it easiest to write your answers in a note or a word document and then copy and paste answers into the form. The questionnaire is carefully reviewed by our team. Please answer thoroughly and thoughtfully. This will help our admissions team understand if A Latere is a good fit for your family. Due to limited time and team capacity, we will not offer interviews to everyone who applies. 


The admissions team will review your family application as well as the space availability in each grade. These two factors will determine if your family is asked to participate in a family interview.

2. Family interview

If the admissions team believes your family will thrive at A Latere and if there is space available at your preferred campus, the team will reach out and set up a time for a family interview. The family interview must include both parents and potential students. Please plan 30-40 minutes for the interview.  Sometimes we are able to accommodate online (zoom) interviews, but most interviews will be required in-person. 

3. Acceptance Decision

A Latere will inform families of acceptance decisions via email. The timeline of the decisions is based upon the date of your application submission and completed interview.


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