Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost per year?

A Latere Cost per student for the 2022 - 2023 School year:

  • Application and Registration Fee:  $100 per student

  • Grammar School (Junior k - 5th): $2,200

  • Logic Leaders (6th - 8th): $2,800

Additional cost estimates per student:

  • Curriculum: $300-$500

  • School Uniforms: $50

Do you provide financial assistance?

At this time,  A Latere does not offer financial aid.  There is a scholarship, the James 1:27 Fund, for families of widows, those who adopted children, or families that serve in full-time ministry.

Is there a multi-child discount?

Because of our low tuition cost, there is not a multi-child discount. As a family you are only charged a single insurance fee and, in some instances, are able to share curriculum.

Is A Latere a non-profit organization?


Yes, A Latere is an IRS recognized 501c3 non-profit organization.

Where do you meet?


Citylight Church Omaha

3401 Oak View Dr, Omaha, NE 68144

NEW second site - Fall 2022 

Love Church

20120 Blue Sage Pkwy, Omaha, NE 68130


Cross the Line Church

5925 Adams St, Lincoln, NE 68507

Is A Latere affiliated with Citylight, Cross the Line, or Love Church?


Although we share the doctrinal beliefs and meet at these churches, the school is not affiliated with a specific local church.

What days of the week do you meet?

  • Omaha - Citylight West  - Monday and Wednesday  (Middle School also meets half day Thursday)

  • Omaha - Love Church  - Tuesday and Thursday 

  • Lincoln - Cross The Line - Monday and Wednesday (Middle School also meets half day Thursday)

What grades are taught at A Latere?


We currently provide Jr K - 8th.  

Do you require uniforms?


Yes, a navy polo top and khaki shorts, pants or a skort are required. These items need to be logo free, but are not required to be from a specific retailer or uniform store.

What is the drop-off policy?


Students can be dropped off, without the need of a parent to leave a vehicle, beginning at 8:45 AM.  A Latere Staff will assist and escort students from the drop off location to their classrooms.

Will you ever expand to include high school grades?


Although there are no formal plans or timelines, it is the dream and vision to expand and include 9th - 12th grade classes.

Do students that attend A Latere need to register for state home school exemption?

Yes.  A Latere Academy is a partner organization providing assistance to families that choose to educate at home.  For the state of Nebraska, families will need to indicate their desire to be the primary educator and file for state exemption.  A Latere is available to assist families through the process of filing paper work.